I was born in Northridge, CA, and grew up in the San Fernando Valley just north of Los Angeles, CA. After attending UCLA and a brief tour of duty in the USAF, I was employed by General Telephone of Southern California in the Design Drafting Department where, in 1984, I was selected to be the drafting project leader for GTE’s involvement in the summer Olympic games being held in Los Angeles.

After leaving the phone company in 1990, I opened up my own firm specializing in product design. My clients included Nike, Reebok, McDonald’s, and many individual entrepreneurs. At this time I also taught college accredited courses in art and design at the Learning Tree University in both Thousand Oaks and Reseda, CA.

Now residing in Southern Utah, I continue to travel, teach, and paint the local scenery of the Southwest.

I have worked with many fine artists throughout the years including Rex Brandt, Robert E. Wood, Woody Hansen, Tony Couch, and Frank Webb.

My Personal Philosophy:

I am a painter. I take a brush loaded with bright, clean color and make marks on white paper. The brush marks, if correctly done, will suggest a subject. My thoughts, intentions, and emotions go into each stroke to communicate my feelings about the subject to you, the viewer. This is the essence of art.

By it's very nature, art is a translation and not a transcription. Nature cannot be copied, only suggested. The world around us is three dimensional and my paper has only two dimensions. I see color and texture with my eyes, but my palette has only a few colors on it and my brush can only make a limited number of strokes to convey texture to you. What I experience, therefore, must be translated into the language of art.

This is painting, and I am a painter.

Recent Paintings